Who Attends?

Digital and distance learning administrators, designers, instructors, producers, programmers, consultants, trainers, technicians, help desk supporters, and all others in the fields of higher education, K-12, government/military, non-profit, and corporate. Anyone who wants to come and learn, teach, and/or mentor in an incredibly comfortable networking environment that has grown to be the largest statewide digital learning organization in the United States. The expertise is limitless here.

Higher Education Professionals

Colleges and Universities are faced with ongoing changes and challenges as educators are asked to do more with less yet continue to focus on quality, new technologies, compliance and more. The TxDLA Conference connects you with the latest innovations and resources. Networking with colleagues facing the same challenges provides a great opportunity to brainstorm and share solutions.

The TxDLA Conference offers you:

  • Opportunities for great keynote speakers, multiple breakout sessions on trends in educational technology, innovation and best practices, student engagement, accessibility, cyber security and data analysis, administration and policy, and more
  • Virtual networking opportunities with colleagues from over 120 institutions
  • Vendors with state-of-the-art software and products relevant to digital learning, all in one platform

Government & Military Professionals

In today’s government workplace, changes must be communicated effectively and quickly statewide to your employees and your constituents, sometimes in a matter of days.  When an e-mail won’t suffice, you need digital learning, eLearning, and webinars to get your message across for:

  • Quickly implementing legislative changes
  • Policy and procedure changes
  • Upgrades to technology and in-house tools
  • Responses to natural disasters
  • Emergent legal challenges

Join us for the state’s preeminent digital learning conference to stay up to speed on the best ways to communicate your required training across time and space.

Our Conference offers you:

  • Breakout sessions on:
    • Instructional design fundamentals
    • Accessibility trends and priorities
    • Designing, facilitating, and managing the virtual classroom
    • Producing powerful learning experiences
    • Creating mobile solutions
    • New techniques for more effective presentations
    • Advanced instructional design
    • Blended learning - Best Practices
    • Videoconferencing – “how to” and vendor contacts
  • Networking with corporate and government digital education professionals from around the state
  • Vendors with state-of-the-art software and products.

K-12 Professionals

Ready to join a vibrant, global community of connected peers? TxDLA offers you that opportunity, featuring many ways to build your knowledge while learning new strategies and skills needed to innovate learning and transform the future of students. Rich learning experiences at the TxDLA conference will bring you in contact with what others are doing around the world. TxDLA supports learning at a distance in ways no other organization can. Stay abreast of changes in blended learning by joining TxDLA.

The TxDLA conference offers you:

  • Engaging workshops that model learning as it could be, not as it was. Sessions on:
    • Gamification
    • Student Engagement
    • Video Best Practices
    • Open Educational Resources
  • Vendors with state-of-the-art software and products relevant to distance learning, all in one platform

Additionally, TxDLA conference participants can take advantage of these opportunities:

  • CPE credit for professional development
  • Make and build relationships with blended learning solution providers
  • Year-round support with a complimentary, one-year membership in TxDLA.

Non-Profit Professionals

Educational Technology is not just for the classroom, non-profits are using it more and more to bring their message and information to people globally.

The TxDLA conference offers you the opportunity to:

  • Meet other non-profit organizations
  • Establish a working network of nonprofit organizations using technology
  • Learn new ideas that work for a non-profit organization
  • Learn how to partner with other non-profits
  • Help other non-profits advance in the technology age by sharing your ideas and best practices
  • Support the growing trend of education technology use in non-profit organizations
  • Join the growing community of non-profits in TxDLA