Laptop Flying From Book - Story: True Tales of Bringing Digital Learning to Life

2023 TxDLA Conference
Story: True Tales of Bringing Digital Learning to Life

March 20-23 | Galveston, TX
April 4-5 | Virtual

The story of technology use in education and professional development is one that needs to be told. This year, we will explore the many stories of digital learning in education and training. Students and learners are using technology in every aspect of their lives now more than ever and educators and trainers are developing new and innovative methods to engage their students digitally. Through storytelling we will explore the new and varying ways to involve learners using technology.

The TxDLA story is a compelling narrative of professionals using technology and innovation to move education and training forward. We take our classrooms and training rooms to a new level for learners as they prepare and train for the jobs of today and tomorrow. Join us to explore the stories of new technology and enhancing education.

Help is at Hand!

How can I use technology to engage students and train staff? How do I make sure my course content is digitally accessible? What are some free online educational resources? Our helpful FAQ page can give you the low down on using technology in education.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is any type of learning that is facilitated by technology or instructional practice that makes effective use of technology, as defined by the Texas Education Code.

Featured Speakers

Merlyna Valentine photo

International Speaker, Author and Consultant

Merlyna Valentine

Steve Perry Photo

Founder & Head of Schools, Capital Preparatory Schools

Dr. Steve Perry MSW

Justin Romack Photo

Assistant Director, Department of Disability Resources, Texas A&M

Justin Romack

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